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Title 24 Inspections Performed By Certified Lighting Acceptance Test Technicians

Title 24 Lighting Inspection is Southern California’s trusted third-party Title 24 inspector. We are an NLCAA-certified Lighting Acceptance Test Employer (ATE) whose highly trained technicians excel at nonresidential Title 24 lighting inspections and code compliance testing. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of businesses and property managers throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and Long Beach meet California’s Title 24 lighting requirements for new construction, new installation, and/or renovation and retrofit lighting projects. Our clients have come to know us for our high-quality workmanship, fast turnaround times, and value-added recommendations for improving efficiency and reducing energy costs.

Title 24 Inspections for Retrofit Lighting Projects in Los Angeles
Lighting Controls Acceptance Testing Los Angeles & Orange County

What You Can Expect During Your On-Site Title 24 Inspection

Whether you own a restaurant and need shutoff lighting control acceptance for individual spaces, such as restrooms, dining areas, and a bar, or you require integrated networking and demand responsive lighting control for a multilevel office building, you can count on us to complete your Title 24 inspection on time, the first time.

In order to keep your lighting project on schedule, we will begin by reviewing your Title 24 Nonresidential Certificates of Compliance (NRCC) and construction documents prior to the day of your scheduled inspection. These documents will give us an understanding of the size and scope of your lighting project, as well as the relevant state-required acceptance tests that we will need to perform. Once on-site, one of our test technicians will complete a thorough evaluation of your property, checking that all construction plans are consistent with installation. This process averages between 2-3 hours, depending on the number of control devices, and we strongly encourage having a representative from your company present during this time.

We Can Handle Most Modifications & Corrections on the Day of Your Inspection

During the inspection, we will identify any potential issues that could prevent your business from passing Title 24 testing. While many Title 24 inspectors will provide either a pass or fail test result, we will take the time to address any major issues that we find and can often resolve them on the same day of your inspection. We hold a C-10 electrical contractors license and are extremely well-versed in Title 24 compliant light fixtures and lighting control systems from leading brands like Acuity Brands, CASAMBI®, Cooper Lighting Solutions, Legrand, and Intelligent Lighting Controls®. With our level of expertise, we can often troubleshoot and correct any issues to prevent you from receiving a failing grade and save you the time and hassle of retesting.

In the rare case that we cannot make same-day corrections, we will email you our recommendations and can assist electricians, lighting designers, and/or engineering firms in making the required updates.

Title 24 Compliant Light Fixtures & Lighting Control Systems
Title 24 Acceptance Testing for Orange County Restaurants

The Best Value in Title 24 Acceptance Testing for Commercial Buildings

On the day of your on-site inspection, Title 24 Lighting Inspection will also complete acceptance testing. We are qualified to perform the full range of state-required Title 24 tests, including:

  • Shut-Off Lighting Control Acceptance (NRCA-LTI-02-A)
  • Automatic Daylighting Control Acceptance (NRCA-LTI-03-A)
  • Demand Responsive Lighting Control Acceptance (NRCA-LTI-04-A)
  • Institutional Tuning Outdoor Lighting (NRCA-LTI-05-A)
  • Outdoor Lighting Acceptance Tests (NRCA-LTO-02-A)

Upon receiving a passing grade, you will be provided with a Title 24 Report and Certificate of Acceptance.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We are proud to have earned a reputation amongst our clients for our in-depth industry knowledge, quality of workmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Contact Title 24 Lighting Inspection today! We offer Title 24 inspection and testing services to business owners and property managers throughout Los Angeles County, Long Beach, Orange County, and surrounding areas. Our prices are extremely competitive, and we will provide you with an upfront estimate and written proposal after reviewing your NRCCs and construction documents.

Title 24 Lighting Acceptance Testing for Southern CA Medical Buildings

We Provide Nonresidential Title 24 Inspection, Testing & Certification Services to Businesses Throughout Southern California, Including:

  • Anaheim, CA
  • Burbank, CA
  • Carson, CA
  • Cerritos, CA
  • City of Industry, CA
  • Commerce, CA
  • Corona, CA
  • Costa Mesa, CA
  • Fullerton, CA
  • Huntington Beach, CA
  • Irvine, CA
  • Long Beach, CA

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