Title 24 Lighting Inspection

Institutional Tuning Power Adjustment Factors (PAF) Acceptance Testing (NRCA-LTI-05-A)

Institutional Tuning PAF Acceptance Testing

Understanding How Institutional Tuning Optimizes Your Business’s Lighting Efficiency

California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Part 6) plays a vital role in ensuring energy efficiency for non-residential buildings, hotels/motels, and high-rise residences. The NRCA-LTI-05-A is a legally required acceptance document that verifies compliance for lighting systems within these commercial and industrial properties. In this blog post, we’ll cover how institutional tuning, a key aspect of NRCA-LTI-05-A, can benefit your business.

What is Institutional Tuning?

Institutional tuning allows you to reduce your lighting energy consumption without compromising functionality by strategically adjusting the maximum light output of your building’s fixtures. This doesn’t mean leaving your property in the dark. Instead, by setting a lower maximum level, you can still achieve optimal illumination while significantly reducing energy use.

The benefits of institutional tuning include:

  • Reduced Energy Costs: Lower lighting power consumption translates directly to significant savings on your electricity bills.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Institutional tuning aligns with California’s green building initiatives, promoting sustainability.
  • Compliance with Title 24: Successful implementation can earn you Power Adjustment Factors (PAFs) that contribute to overall Title 24 compliance.

Ensuring Compliance with NRCA-LTI-05-A

NRCA-LTI-05-A outlines mandatory acceptance tests to verify the reduction in lighting power achieved through institutional tuning. These tests require expertise and specialized equipment, such as light meters and digital multimeters to measure illumination levels and electrical current before and after adjustments. This ensures the lighting remains functional and safe while significantly reducing energy consumption.

Call the Experts at Title 24 Lighting Inspection for Your Acceptance Testing

To schedule Title 24 inspection and NRCA-LTI-05-A acceptance testing services for your business, contact Title 24 Lighting Inspection. Our highly trained and NLCAA-certified Lighting Acceptance Test Technicians (ATTs) have the knowledge and experience to:

  • Conduct all necessary acceptance tests according to the latest guidelines.
  • Verify that institutional tuning controls are secure and not easily overridden.
  • Troubleshoot any lighting control issues that may arise during the process.

We serve business owners and property managers throughout Los Angeles County, Long Beach, Orange County, and surrounding areas. 

To view the NRCA-LTI-05-A Institutional Tuning Power Adjustment Factors (PAF) document, click here.

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